About Boston Lindy Hop and New School Swing

Boston Lindy Hop promotes swing dancing in Boston by providing year-round swing dances classes for all levels. We specialize in authentic, vintage swing dance forms, especially the Lindy Hop, but we sometimes offer classes in Charleston, solo jazz dancing, and in other dances of the Swing era.  We also offer a fun, friendly, inclusive learning environment. Four-week class series begin every month—see our schedule for the latest classes.

In November 2015, New School Swing and Boston Lindy Hop were merged.  We're still working to combine our websites, but don't worry, all of our classes will still be posted on this site, so register here with confidence.  And, in the meantime, pardon our dust!

Latest News

Exciting News! Boston Lindy Hop and New School Swing are joining forces!

Nov. 10, 2015, 10:13 p.m.

Dear students and friends,

It’s been a time of transition here in the Boston Lindy Hop scene. We’ve weathered the loss of the Whistle Stop and celebrated new endeavors, like Elm Street Jump. We’ve seen long-time dancers move on to new cities and welcomed new folks who've helped sustain the dance scene as the vibrant, dynamic place it continues to be today.


It is in the spirit of transition, then, that we announce that swing dance instruction in Boston is entering a new chapter.  Effective in December, New School Swing and Boston Lindy Hop will be joining forces. The new, combined organization, which will be called Boston Lindy Hop, will be led by a board consisting of Hannah Catzen, Edgar B Herwick III, Cari Meisel, Andrew Selzer, and Lee Tucker. 


The new Boston Lindy Hop will build on the existing strengths of both organizations, including NSS’s strong beginner curriculum and Boston Lindy Hop’s advanced course offerings (and socializing afterwards!). We’re excited to be working together as a unified force. Our aims moving forward are to continue to nurture and sustain Boston’s dance scene as a great place to learn and grow, and to keep building enthusiasm for Lindy Hop (and the music that propels it) both on and off the dance floor. 


For the immediate future, the course offerings will continue largely as they have: NSS’s regular level 1 and 2 classes remain in place, as do Boston Lindy Hop’s Fundamentals and Beyond Fundamentals classes. Monday night classes will continue to be held in Harvard Square, all other classes will continue to be held at the Jeanette Neill Dance Studio in downtown Boston. Registration will soon be up for our December classes on both studios’ websites, so keep your eyes peeled!


We’re excited for this new beginning and can’t imagine a better place to be – or a better bunch of dancers to have along for the ride. We hope you’ll join us.


If you have any thoughts, questions, or just want to say hi, let us know. We’ll be around.

Vive le Lindy Hop!
The BLH Board (and everyone at New School Swing!)

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What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is the original Swing Dance, developed in Harlem in the 1920s and 1930s. Our friends at Yehoodi made a nice video history of the dance.

Exciting Partnership with Monday Night Practice Session!

We're excited to be partnering with the folks at the Monday Night Practice Session. We are now offering classes from 7:00-9:00pm on Mondays before the dance.  From 7pm to 8pm, we hold one of our Lindy 2 classes, and from 8pm to 9pm, we hold one of our Lindy 1 classes, which means more opportunities for you to learn!  For those level 2 students who would like to accelerate their learning, you can take two Lindy 2 classes in each month and double your learning speed. Remember, if you register online, the multiple class rate is only $90, ($70 with a student ID).

We strongly encourage you to stay for the dance at the Monday Night Practice Session.  Social dancing is the reason we do all of this, and let's be honest, dancing is the best practice!  For Lindy 2 students, the price of the Monday night dance is not included in the class prices (you must pay for the dance at the door).  The Monday Night Practice dance costs $8 ($5 for folks under 23 with a student ID). However, because of our special partnership with MNP, Lindy 1 students who take the class from 8pm-9pm are allowed to stick around for the dance for free!

And don't forget, there are plenty more opportunities to dance around town.  Check out our friends on Friday nights over at Boston Swing Central, as well as the numerous other dances around town.  For more information, check out the links on the bottom of this page.

What is Lindy Dojo?

Lindy Dojo is New School Swing's weekly practice session.

All students who take classes at New School Swing will be able to attend Lindy Dojo for free! Why are we doing this? Social dancing is both fun and one of the best ways to get better. So are private lessons. Many students can't afford the $25-$100 price of a private lesson, but a guided practice session is like a 5 minute private lesson. We want to encourage beginners and intermediates to stay for the practice session to practice with each other, have a good time dancing, and to work one-on-one with instructors.

Visit the Dojo page for more info.

Gift Certificates

Looking for a great birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift? New School Swing has gift certificates available for classes and private lessons. Click here to purchase a gift certificate.

Please give us feedback on how we're doing.

We'd love your feedback! We want to make the studio the most useful and fun studio we can so anything you can say to help us out would be great. Positive feedback will help us know what to keep doing well. Constructive criticism will help us focus on what we should improve. Please remember we're passionate folks trying to make the world a better place through swing dancing. For more on that, read this: http://www.mikethegirl.com/1/post/2011/11/the-importance-of-non-evil.html. For specific ideas of what we'd like to know: Who are your favorite teachers and why? Are there teachers that need work and, if so, what could they do better? What classes do you like and why? What classes weren't as great and why? What classes would you like to see more of? What classes don't we teach that you'd like us to teach? What do you think of our audition process? Thanks in advance!