What's New at New School Swing?

Classes Are Back in Session!

We hope last week was the last time that the weather forces us to cancel classes this year. Join us tonight (2/17/15) for classes, as well as Lindy Dojo at 9:30pm!

About New School Swing

New School Swing exists to help foster Lindy Hop / Swing Dancing in the Boston area. We provide Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Lindy Hop and authentic partnered and solo dance instruction. We're excited to be partnering with bostonswingcentral.org, an organization which runs a Friday dance at the Crosby Whistle Stop (where we hold our Tuesday lessons). Our beginner and advanced beginner lessons are on Tuesdays and are followed by a practice session we call Lindy Dojo. We are currently also holding beginner lessons on Wednesdays with an additional Lindy Dojo immediately following.

What is Lindy Hop?

We helped create this promotional video for bostonswingcentral.org and we feel that it helps capture the essence of Lindy Hop in Boston.

Worth noting is that this video includes many New School Swing instructors as well as some students from another Lindy Hop dance studio, Hop to the Beat. Also, the band featured in this clip is the amazing Gordon Webster. And, of course, the dance featured in the clip is Boston Swing Central's Friday night dance.

You can also check out this video put together by the folks at Yehoodi.

What Can You Be Doing After a Year?

This video shows our Intermediate class performing in early December of 2012. Many of these dancers have been taking classes at New School Swing for about a year. Most of our classes focus on improvised social dancing, but once or twice a year we run a performance group.

Exciting Partnership with Monday Night Practice Session!

We're excited to be partnering with the folks at the Monday Night Practice Session. We will now be offering advanced beginner classes from 7:30-8:30pm before the dance. We've had rather large advanced beginner classes so this might help to reduce the class size, allowing for more individual feedback. In addition, if you'd like to accelerate your learning, you can take both advanced beginner classes each month and double your learning speed. Remember the multiple class rate is only $80 ($60 with a student ID).

If you register for the Monday classes, you are still welcome to come to Dojo for no additional cost.

We strongly encourage you to stay for the dance at the Monday Night Practice Session because social dancing is the reason we do all of this. The price of the Monday night dance is not include in the class prices but you can pay for the dance at the door. New School Swing students taking the monday class will only have to pay $5 to stay for the dance ($4 for folks under 23 with a student ID).

Don't forget to go to the excellent friday night dance at Boston Swing Central and all of the other dances around town.

What is Lindy Dojo?

All students who take classes at New School Swing will be able to attend Lindy Dojo for free! Why are we doing this? Social dancing is both fun and one of the best ways to get better. So are private lessons. Many students can't afford the $25-$100 price of a private lesson, but a guided practice session is like a 5 minute private lesson. We want to encourage beginners and intermediates to stay for the practice session to practice with each other, have a good time dancing, and to work one-on-one with instructors.

Visit the dojo page for more info.

Gift Certificates

Looking for a great birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift? New School Swing has gift certificates available for classes and private lessons. Click here to purchase a gift certificate.

New School Swing Curriculum

The entire staff at New School Swing has worked together to create a cohesive curriculum for our students. You can start social dancing after taking your first class with us but, as this curriculum shows, you can keep taking classes for years and still learn a ton.

Click on the image to expand it to a larger view.

Please give us feedback on how we're doing.